The timless Chinese poetry

The new series are dedicated to Chinese sayings and poems. The lines are taken from poems of famous poets of the Tang Dynasty like e.g. Du Fu (712-770) or Liu Zongyuan (773-819)


Blauer Herbsthimmel und frischer Wind
Duftnebel im wolkigen Haar, Jadeschimmer auf dem kalten Arm
Heiterer Himmel bis in die Unendlichkeit
Mannigfaltig ineinander verschränkt
Sausender Wind, zuckender Blitz
Der alte Mann im Regenumhang fischt einsam auf dem Fluss bei Schnee und Eis
Spanne den Bogen langsam, wenn Du den Pfeil auf die Sehne gelegt hast

The Beauty of Signs

After the series "The Magic of Urban Canvas" the new works are focussing on the beauty of typography and calligraphy. The chinese signs are free interpratations.


Kenting Forest, 91 x 72 cm
Chengong Road Kaoshiung, 101 x 81 cm
Fresh breeze at Shangrila, 120 x 100 cm
Island of Formosa, 92 x 69 cm

The Magic of Urban Canvas

The convergance and overlaying of various kinds of communications like advertisment, neon signage, street art in the cityscape is a positive manifestation of very diverse players and stakeholders. The artist condenses in his works these impressions by using the metropolitan communication tools and techniques like posters, neon tubes, painting and graffiti. Each of these techniques is used in art but its combination is a novelty. 


Longing for Sakura, 120x100 cm
Pink Night, 120x100 cm
Rubber Soul, 90 x 160 cm
Wind Water and Power, 90 x 75 cm


Les couleurs chaudes à Barbès Rochechouart, 100 x 80
Le trains mugissants à Clichy le Vallois, 100 x 80
La brume matinale à la Gare de Pantin, 100 x 80
Le Pont de Bercy mouillé, 100 x 80
The visit of Hiroyo, 120 x 100
Wind and Clouds fable, 120 x 100
Mikado relaxes at the Battery, 120 x 100
Slowly the Dragon Approaches, 120 x 100


La senteur de jasmin à Casablanca, 120x100
Tommy's Butterfly, 120x100
Le leger bruit des arbres au Parc Monsouris, 120x100
Glowing Doorways 44th Street, 90x80
Les perseides d'aôut, 120x100
Jazz au boeuf sur le toît, 140x120
Bryant Park Oasis, 90x80
Soirée magique à l'Opéra, 120x100
Skating in Centralpark, 120x100
Strolling Soho, 90x80


Otis’ Dock Rhapsody, 2010, 120x100 cm, Paper/Acrylic/Spray/Neon, chipboard
Coup de Vent Place Clichy, 2010, 240x100 cm, (2 Panels), Paper/Acrylic/Spray/Neon on chipboard
Le Spectacle des Grands Boulevards, 2010, 120x100 cm, Paper/Acrylic/Spray/Neon, chipboard
Broken Dreams of Golden West, 2010, 100x120 cm, Paper/Acrylic/Spray/Neon, chipboard
Fading Glance of Southern Pacific, 2010, 120x100 cm, Paper/Acrylic/Spray/Neon, chipboard
Backyard Splendor, 2010, 120x300 cm (3 panels), Paper/Acrylic/Spray, canvas
Late Night at Village Vanguard, 2010, 120x100 cm, Paper/Acrylic/Spray/Neon, chipboard
Le Baiser timide, 2010, 120x100 cm, Paper/Acrylic/Spray/Neon, chipboard
Hidden Charm of Penn Ave Station Brooklyn, 120x100 cm, Paper/Acrylic/Spray/Neon, on chipboard
Rainy Morning Morgan Street Brooklyn, 240x100 cm (2 Panels), Paper/Acrylic, Spray/Neon on chipboard


Le petit Prince qui s'envole, 120x100 cm, Paper/Acrylic, canvas
Givre Ivernale à Nagasaki, 120x100 cm, Paper/Acrylic, canvas
Caribbean Night, 2009, 100x240 cm (2 panels), Paper/Acrylic, canvas


On a clear day at Hudson street, 2008, 140x120 cm, Acrylic, canvas
Caduta Lava Notturna a Stromboli, 2002, 140x120cm, Plaster/Acrylic/Neon, chipboard
Chaleur a Palmyra, 2002, 140x120cm, Plaster/Acrylic/Neon, chipboard
Jodpur, 2002 140x120cm, Verputz/Acrylic/Neon, chipboard
Nuit Tombante à St. Germain, 140x120cm, Plaster/Acrylic/Neon, chipboard
Nuit chaude a Marakkech, 2002, 140x120cm, Acrylic, canvas
Parfum Arabica rue Mouffetard, 2002, 120x100cm, Plaster/Acrylic/Paper/fabric, canvas
Sardena d'Estate, 2002, 120x100cm, Acrylic, canvas
La Brise calmante au Pont Neuf, 2002, 120x100 cm, Plaster/Acryl, canvas

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