Born in Zurich Roberto Abt's talent for visual arts appeared in the drawing and painting courses at school. Roberto Abt studied autodidactically all important eras of artistic painting. Roberto Abt first did mostly landscapes and developped a colorful style using natural mediterranean coulours and applied a expressive streak. It was and still is important to him to create works with a positive and constructive proposition. First exhibitions started in 1980.

Since 1999 Roberto Abt turned towards abstact painting using different techniques. He is influenced by Marc Rothko, Richard Diebenkorn, Hans Falk, Jaques de Villeglé, Tàpies, Jean Michel Basquiat and the graffiti artists, e.g. Ket one, Jayone. Roberto Abt continues to follow various courses in acrylic painting, collage technique and Chinese calligraphy.

Roberto Abt

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Roberto Abt
Risiweg 4
CH-8706 Meilen

+41 79 437 23 43



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Zürichseezeitung, January 30, 2012
Zürichseezeitung, June 27 2011
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The Making of

Roberto composes the tattered posters
Repainting of the poster shreds
The charm of poster graphics

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